Open Source Judges

Judges who make software for judges

Project Manager: Matteo Manchi
Public: Yes
Alignment: Sphere Project - Technology
(Lead: Paul Baranay )
Looking For: Developers, designers, software ideas

Project Description

This project aims to create a team of people who wants to contribute in digital projects. We need developers who want to study, learn, get experience with some technology giving life to useful projects for the magic community.

We're also looking for designers and translators to make beautiful and international digital products.


Active Projects

Project Members

Name Level Location Role
Matteo Manchi Level 1 Italy and Malta Admin
Joaquin Azcarate Level 2 Hispanic America - South Member
Marco Feoli Level 1 Italy and Malta Member
Salvatore La Terra Level 3 Italy and Malta Member
Piero Nicolli Level 3 Italy and Malta Member
Saverio Palmieri Neto Level 1 Brazil Member
Danilo Raineri Level 2 Italy and Malta Member
Nicodemo Sasso Uncertified Italy and Malta Member