MagicFest Leadership CORE (Chiba)

Organizer: CFBE
Judge manager: Hidetoshi Ito
Event type: Grand Prix
REL: Competitive/Professional (GP)
Format: Sealed Deck
Event date(s): Aug. 1, 2019-Aug. 4, 2019
Location: Chiba, Japan
Venue: Makuhari messe
Applications accepted through: May 17, 2019

Event Information

Experienced team members capable of leading on the MagicFest floor are crucial to running an excellent event,
and CFB Events and BIG MAGIC are excited to invite you to join our onsite leadership team.

This application covers leadership positions over a six month period and provides more stability and predictability
for leadership positions at MagicFest events
in Chiba 2019.

Please take note that ALL leadership positions at MagicFest will be filled through this CORE application; there will NOT be an opportunity to apply for a leadership position through the individual event application.


BIG MAGIC believe;

Japanese MF will come 90% Japanese players.

Then Leader must need to understand Japanese cultural psychology.

Therefore we hope Leader have many experience for visiting, working, living  at Japan.



CFB EventsとBIG MAGICは、あなたをリーダーシップ・プログラムにご案内します。





BIG MAGIC は日本のMFには日本人が数多く訪れることから、日本の文化的特徴をよく知る必要があると信じています。


The window for this leadership application will close at 11:59 PM (23:59) PST on Friday, May 17th, 2019.

NOTE:  This application is not completed through Judge Apps.  Please use the link at the end of this application to join our onsite leadership team!


2-3 Days


This application offers the option of confirming TWO days at the leadership pay rate and ONE day at the standard for each event.

If you are only available for two days, that’s not a problem; just apply for two days, and you will still be eligible for leadership compensation for those two days.


If we can’t bring you on for a specific MagicFest through this application, we would still like to encourage you to apply through the event specific application!











Culturally, leadership is more than a title and level.

As a leader at a CFBE event, you are expected to invest in your team members,

collaborating with them, helping one another to grow and to gain the valuable experience that each MagicFest offers.  


Part and parcel with cultural leadership are the tasks and duties required of leaders at a CFBE event.  As part of our leadership team you may be asked to:

・Team Lead on the Main Event (e.g. pairings, slips, floor management, deck checks, end of round, breaks)
・Lead on Side Events (e.g. Schedule Events Lead, On-Demand Events Lead, Kickstarter Lead)
・Head Judge side events(MCQ)

Floor judge on the Main Event or Side Events when not in a lead position
・Fill in wherever the team needs you

The Leadership Team at CFBE Events have a typical shift time of 10-12 hours.

There is a one hour lunch and at least one additional break during your shift.

Leaders on the Main Event will be scheduled until the end of swiss* on Day One and through the completion of the Top 8 on Day Two.  

















We also received a lot of feedback on compensation. Based on that feedback, we are happy to offer Leaders who join our onsite team through this application the following compensation rates.

Please note that default compensation rates include booster display boxes (Japanese version)from the most recent Standard set. In Japanese MF, all compensation are  received by only boxes.




Daily Lead Compensation

Daily Non-Lead Compensation

3 Days

8 boxes / days

2 boxes /days

18 boxes


And we continue Travel compensation. トラベル補償は継続されます。(日本はいままで通り距離に応じます)



Western Asia

Australia / NZ

Greater Chaina

Asia (Without Westan)

5 boxes

4 boxes

3 boxes


And we continue Hotel compensation. ホテルの保障も継続されます。


Application Process


With so many potential Leaders and dates, we have opted to use a Google Form for this application. To join our onsite leadership team, please click on the link below. We hope to see you at Chiba 2019!


Staff Members

Note: As you are not on staff for this event, some users may be hidden from the staff list, in accordance with their privacy settings. You can always see the full staff list if you are either part of the staff yourself, or otherwise, after the event is over.

Name Level Region Role
Alfonso Bueno
Level 3 Iberia Team Lead
Wearn Chong
Level 3 Southeast Asia Team Lead
Adrian Estoup
Level 3 Hispanic America - South Team Lead
Khanh Le Thien
Level 3 France Team Lead
Mitsunori Makino
Level 3 Japan Team Lead
Asuka Nagashima
Level 3 Japan Team Lead
Takanori Nakamura
Level 3 Japan Team Lead
Yoshitoki Sakai
Level 3 Japan Team Lead
Riccardo Tessitori
Level 3 Italy and Malta Team Lead
QJ Wong
Level 3 Southeast Asia Team Lead
Level 3 Greater China Team Lead
Yu Win Yew
Level 3 Southeast Asia Team Lead
Chikara Aoki
Level 2 Japan Team Lead
Ryan Darris
Level 2 USA - Southwest Staff
Hidetoshi Ito
Level 2 Japan Staff
Tatsuro Iwakura
Level 2 Japan Team Lead
Satoshi Nikaido
Level 2 Japan Team Lead
Keita Okamoto
Level 2 Japan Staff
Akira Seno
Level 2 Japan Floor Judge
Ryuji Yano
Level 2 Japan Team Lead
Hiromasa Imagawa
Level 1 Japan Staff
Mashi Scanlan
Uncertified USA - Southwest Staff
CFBEvents Staff Manager
Uncertified USA - North Staff