MagicFest Montréal 2019

Organizer: CFB Events
Judge manager: CFBEvents Staff Manager
Event type: Grand Prix
REL: Competitive/Professional (GP)
Format: Sealed Deck
Event date(s): Oct. 4, 2019-Oct. 6, 2019
Location: Montréal, Canada
Venue: Place Bonaventure
800 Rue De La Gauchetière Ouest
Montréal, QC H5A 1K6
Applications accepted through: July 12, 2019

Event Information

CFB Events is excited to invite you to join an amazing community of people who will create some tremendously fun Magic: the Gathering experiences for guests of MagicFest Montréal featuring the Grand Prix on October 4th - 6th, 2019. This application will allow you to apply to be a Judge or Operations Team Member for this event.

Please be sure to read the entire application carefully before applying. The application window will close at 11:59 PM (23:59) CST on Friday, July 12th, 2019.


In an effort to create opportunities for as many people as possible, we are offering two day positions (Friday/Saturday & Saturday/Sunday) in addition to three day positions. Applicants available for two day positions will be given higher priority than those only available for three day positions.


Most operations positions are three day commitments which require availability from Friday morning at 8:00 AM (8:00) through Sunday evening at 8:00 PM (20:00). Judges interested in joining the Friday staff are required to be available at 1:00 PM (13:00) at the latest, and for those applying to a Sunday position, the expectation is that you'll be available until at least 8:00 PM (20:00).


As you are answering the application questions, please select only those groups of days for which you are available to work.



Please note that you may apply for multiple roles, and may have more than one role over the course of the weekend. If you are selected as a judge, you may be asked to take on operations tasks if needed.



Judge Leads are staffed exclusively through the CORE application and Lead applications are not be available on individual event postings. You can read more information here:



Scorekeepers are staffed exclusively through a seperate Scorekeeper application (similar to CORE) and applications are not be available on individual event posting. You can read more information here:



If selected for a judging role, you may be asked to do any of the following:


If selected to judge, you will be expected to work a minimum of two days, either Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday. Some number of judges will be selected to work all three days. Judges interested in joining the Friday staff are required to be available at 1:00 PM (13:00) at the latest, and for those applying to a Sunday position, the expectation is that you're available until at least 8:00 PM (20:00).


Judges working towards their Day Two Team-Lead-In-Training Position (“TLTP”) will receive the regular Floor Judge compensation rate. The judge assigned to supervise and assess a candidate for the TLTP certification will be selected from CORE Leadership.


Judges who have received the TLTP certification and are chosen to Team Lead on the Main Event will receive an extra box of the most recent Standard set in addition to their regular compensation for each day they are a Team Lead on the Main Event.



If selected for the Operations Team, you may be asked to work in one or more of the following areas:


Most Operations Team Members will be expected to work all three days, although a few may be scheduled to work Saturday and Sunday only.



The typical shift length is 10-12 hours with a one hour lunch break and at least one thirty minute break.  Typical shift length for leads is 10-14 hours with a one hour lunch break and at least one thirty minute break. Please note that leads on the main event are expected to work all of the rounds on Day One and through the end of the Top 8 on Day Two. In order to give us flexibility in scheduling the event, all Operations Team members are expected to be available from 8:00 AM (8:00) Friday morning until at least 8 PM (20:00) on Sunday.


If you are selected for this event, you are responsible for monitoring the event forum for important news prior to and during the event.



We will need help on Thursday to assist with preparing the hall and other miscellaneous setup. Anyone selected to join us on Thursday will receive 200 CAD plus two Booster Boxes or 350 CAD for the day. Lunch will be provided.


This shift starts at 10:00 AM (10:00) on Thursday and continues until the room is fully set up for the MagicFest. This typically takes between ten (10) and twelve (12) hours. Our goal is to be completed by 8:00 PM (20:00). However, the shift can go later if all of the setup tasks are not complete. If you select this as an option, please be prepared for physical tasks, and please make sure you are available for the full day.



We always appreciate having a hard working and fun-loving crew to tear down the hall and pack up the equipment with us on Sunday night. The Strike shift will start at 4:00 PM (16:00) on Sunday and will go until the MagicFest is completely packed up (generally Midnight, (00:00), occasionally later). This shift has a 30 minute break. If selected, you will receive 400 CAD plus two Booster Boxes or 550 CAD for the shift. Please note that being selected for Sunday Strike means you won't be selected to be a judge or operations staff on Sunday morning; no staff member is meant to be scheduled to work two shifts in one day.


Please be prepared for physical work, both in your attire and capabilities. Lifting and loading are a large part of the duties. Because of this, you are free to wear whatever attire allows you to be the most comfortable and safe while doing this work. Please be aware that you will also be late in attending the staff party, which starts at 9:00 PM (21:00), but we always save a little extra cheer of for the Strike Team to celebrate a job well done!



Staff members will receive both monetary and product compensation per day worked, as shown in the table below. If requested, CFBE will arrange sale of a staff member’s product to a third party prior to the MagicFest; this request must be submitted along with the staff scheduling survey, seven (7) weeks before the event. The default compensation rate is the mix of payment and product and staff members who fail to fill out the survey or fail to indicate that they prefer the all payment option will receive the payment plus product option. Please note that arranging sale of the product is an all or none decision and CFBE will not arrange partial sale of an individual staff member’s product.



Payment + Product* Option (Daily Rate)

All Payment Option (Daily Rate)


Judge Staff

200 CAD + 2 boxes

350 CAD


Operations Team

200 CAD + 2 boxes

350 CAD


Event Setup Team

200 CAD + 2 boxes

350 CAD

Thursday Only

Event Strike Team

400 CAD + 2 boxes

550 CAD

Sunday Only

* Product will be in the form of boxes from the most recent standard set.



Please note that all staff are independent contractors and will be required to complete appropriate paperwork which includes a contract with Tournament Center, the company handling all staffing for this MagicFest.  Submission of Tax and/or TIN information (for example, a Social Security Number in the United States) is required in order to work at this event.


You can see a copy of a blank Tournament Center contract here:



We love celebrating the hard work and fantastic job our team does at each and every event.  As usual, there will be a post event staff party with desserts, drinks, and lots and lots of drafting!  The party runs from 9:00 PM (21:00) until at least 12:00 AM (0:00) on Sunday night after the event. Information and location will be provided to staff during the weekend.  We hope that everyone on staff will be able to stay and join us for the festivities!

Staff Members

Note: As you are not on staff for this event, some users may be hidden from the staff list, in accordance with their privacy settings. You can always see the full staff list if you are either part of the staff yourself, or otherwise, after the event is over.

Name Level Region Role
Jurgen Baert
Level 3 BeNeLux Head Judge
Jona Bemindt
Level 3 BeNeLux Staff
Abraham Corson
Level 3 USA - Midatlantic Floor Judge
Kevin Desprez
Level 3 France Appeals Judge
Jon Goud
Level 3 Canada Floor Judge
Florian Horn
Level 3 France Floor Judge
Jonah Kellman
Level 3 USA - Northeast Floor Judge
Gerard Trpin
Level 3 France Floor Judge
Emilien Wild
Level 3 BeNeLux Floor Judge
Jason Wong
Level 3 Canada Floor Judge
Steven Zwanger
Level 3 USA - Midatlantic Floor Judge
Christian Aguilar
Level 2 USA - Great Lakes Floor Judge
Alice Araujo
Level 2 Brazil Scorekeeper
Diego Bolaños
Level 2 Hispanic America - North Staff
Jeffrey Darran
Level 2 USA - Midatlantic Scorekeeper
Jeffrey Emery
Level 2 USA - Northeast Floor Judge
Jeph Foster
Level 2 USA - Midatlantic Floor Judge
Casey Hogan
Level 2 USA - Northwest Staff
Tony Houst
Level 2 USA - Northeast Staff
Jessica Livingston
Level 2 USA - South Staff
Rick Miles
Level 2 Canada Floor Judge
Jason Ness
Level 2 Canada Staff
Matt Newnam
Level 2 USA - Southeast Scorekeeper
David Poon
Level 2 Canada Scorekeeper
Norman Ralph
Level 2 United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa Scorekeeper
Alexander Smith
Level 2 USA - Great Lakes Staff
Tobias Vyseri
Level 2 Canada Floor Judge
Andrea Wallace
Level 2 USA - South Staff
Matthew Westfox
Level 2 USA - North Floor Judge
Garth Beavers
Level 1 USA - South Staff
Nicolas Glik
Level 1 Iberia Staff
Kyle Hilliar
Level 1 USA - South Staff
Taylor Metz
Level 1 Canada Staff
Joseph Sapp
Level 1 USA - Southwest Staff
Richella Wyss
Level 1 USA - Central Staff
Jason Flatford
Uncertified USA - Northeast Scorekeeper
Lonneke Onrust
Uncertified BeNeLux Staff
Jon Saso
Uncertified USA - Southwest Tournament Organizer
Mashi Scanlan
Uncertified USA - Southwest Staff
CFBEvents Staff Manager
Uncertified USA - North Judge Manager
Amanda Stedile
Uncertified Brazil Scorekeeper
Ellen Van Akelyen
Uncertified Canada Staff