Cardmarket Series 2019 Prague

Organizer: Johanna Virtanen
Judge manager: Johanna Virtanen
Event type: MKM Series
REL: Competitive
Format: Mixed Formats
Event date(s): Nov. 22, 2019-Nov. 24, 2019
Location: Prague, Czechia
Applications accepted through: Oct. 4, 2019

Event Information


We are looking for local judges to help us run the Cardmarket Series event in Prague! 

Cardmarket Series website:

Please read the below information carefully! Judges from all regions are welcome to apply, but we expect that most applicants will be from the Czech Republic and nearby countries. 


All staff members are expected to perform their duties in a professional manner that reflects positively on the rest of the event staff, and Cardmarket. We expect you to have fun, be professional and contribute to a great atmosphere for everyone to be in.

In addition to making rulings, judges can be asked to assist with event logistics, such as setup/breakdown, managing lines, pushing chairs, picking up trash, handing out prizes.

We expect every staff member to dress professionally throughout the event weekend and hold up their personal hygiene. Cardmarket will provide shirts for judges and these are to be worn with black pants or skirt, belt and shoes. Sizes S to 3XL are available. If the size you require is not available, you may wear the black judge shirt or a plain black dress shirt instead. 


This is a three day event. It is possible to work 1 to 3 days - please indicate all options you are willing to accept. We expect Saturday to be the busiest day, while Friday should be the least busy, with lower numbers of judges needed. We will only have a limited number of three-day slots available. 

For each day, we need 1-2 Head Judges. If you need a specific number of HJ shifts, please indicate this in your cover letter. In general, we will choose one "main" HJ for all three days and a second HJ for each day. 

In addition to judges, we need:

- Ops: Takes care of event logistics, registration, product/prize handling. May be asked to assist with scorekeeping, including non-Magic games (training will be provided). 

- Spotter: Helps coverage get information about feature matches. Certified Magic judges preferred, spotter experience is a bonus. Only needed for Sat/Sun

- Friday goodie prep help: On Friday, we need help with preparing goodies. The work hours for this are from 13:00 to approximately 19:00, and the compensation is 75 EUR. 

- Friday setup help/Sunday breakdown help: On Friday, we need a few judges to come in early (8:00 to 12:00) and help with setting up the venue. On Sunday, we need some help with breakdown in the evening. Breakdown judges must be available until midnight. The extra compensation for these shifts is 50 EUR. 


We offer the following daily rates (note that Cardmarket coupons are no longer offered): 

Head Judge, SK, Ops: 200 EUR per day.

Floor judge, Spotter: 130 EUR per day.

Goodie prep help: 75 EUR. 

Setup/breakdown helpers: 50 EUR per shift.

Water and coffee will be provided during your shifts.  


Every judge must sign a contract before their first shift. We will also require all judges and staff to provide their national ID/social security number. Please contact the judge manager before applying if you have concerns or questions about providing this information. 

Contract template:

Regarding the insurance clause in this contract: 

tournamentcenter confirms that any actions done by a self-employed judge or event staff member, on the request of tournamentcenter, is covered by our liability insurance. Any intentional damage is not covered by our insurance. 
Although our insurance covers this, we still advice self-employed contractors to have their own liability insurance, although it's not a mandatory requirement in this contract. 


Staff Members

Note: As you are not on staff for this event, some users may be hidden from the staff list, in accordance with their privacy settings. You can always see the full staff list if you are either part of the staff yourself, or otherwise, after the event is over.

Name Level Region Role
Jurgen Baert
Level 3 (Historical) BeNeLux Tournament Organizer
Francois Grossi
Level 3 (Judge Academy) France Floor Judge
Johanna Virtanen
Level 3 (Historical) Europe - North Staff
Georgi Benev
Level 2 (Historical) Europe - East Floor Judge
Karol Buczak
Level 2 (Historical) Europe - Central Floor Judge
George Gavrilita
Level 2 (Historical) Europe - East Floor Judge
Paul Heidenreich
Level 2 (Historical) German-speaking countries Floor Judge
Milan Majerčík
Level 2 (Judge Academy) Europe - Central Floor Judge
Riccardo Mangano
Level 2 (Historical) BeNeLux Floor Judge
Dániel Markos
Level 2 (Judge Academy) Europe - Central Floor Judge
Andrzej Placety
Level 2 (Historical) Europe - Central Floor Judge
Eser Unger
Level 2 (Historical) German-speaking countries Floor Judge
Witold Waczynski
Level 2 (Historical) Europe - Central Floor Judge
David Záleský
Level 2 (Historical) Europe - Central Floor Judge
Nicolas Baptiste
Level 1 (Historical) France Floor Judge
Alžběta Ferenčíková
Level 1 (Judge Academy) Europe - Central Floor Judge
Tomas Lanka
Level 1 (Historical) Europe - Central Floor Judge
Robin Massart
Level 1 (Judge Academy) BeNeLux Staff
Marianna Trnikova
Level 1 (Judge Academy) Europe - Central Staff
Wouter Maenhaut
Uncertified BeNeLux Tournament Organizer