Western Canada Regional Judge Conference 2015

Organizer: David Poon
Judge manager: David Poon
Event type: Judge Conference
Format: Mixed Formats
Event date(s): Aug. 29, 2015-Aug. 30, 2015
Location: Kelowna, Canada
Venue: Quantum Games
#3-190 Hollywood Rd
Kelowna, BC V1X 3S9

(250) 763-1806
Applications accepted through: July 24, 2015

Event Information

It's time for the 2015 Western Canada Judge Conference! The theme for this conference will be "PPTQs and RPTQs: Where do we stand?"

UPDATE: Schedule

4:00pm: Seminars on Helping PPTQ Players, including
   Morgan Wesley (Washington), "The PPTQ as an Introduction to Competitive REL for Players and Judges"
   Ronald Thompson (Washington), "Complex Interactions in Modern (and Standard (and... Limited?))"
   David Poon (British Columbia), "True Customer Service"
   Darren Gamble (Alberta), "Investigations, and How to Catch a Cheater"
7:30pm: Judge Dinner (pay your own way) @ Zabb Thai (Kelowna Rutland Area | http://www.zabb.ca/)
9:00pm: Judge Draft @ Quantum Games

10:00am: Seminars on Judging PPTQs, including
   Niko Skartvedt (British Columbia), "PPTQ Logistics"
   Abeed Bendall (Alberta), "Multiple Judges"
   Brendan Capel (Alberta), "Events from a TO perspective"
   Scott Neiwert (Oregon), "Coordinating PPTQs: What Works, and What Doesn't"

UPDATE: Accommodation

A block of rooms has been reserved for us at the Okanagan Seasons Resort (http://okanaganseasons.ca/). The hotel is located 5 minutes away by car or a 20 minute walk along Hwy 33 from Quantum Games. The group rate (assuming double occupancy) for rooms with two queen beds is $144 + 15% tax; rooms with a single queen bed are $124 + 15% tax; larger rooms are subject to availability; additional occupants are $10 each. Call 1-800-665-1264 or 250-860-5707 to book your room, quoting Group #401: "Magic Judge Conference".

Other hotels/motels are clustered around that area (intersection of Hwy 97 and Hwy 33) if you wish to book alternate lodging.

This year's conference will be held in beautiful Kelowna, BC, about a 5 hour drive from Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA; and about 7 hours from Calgary, AB. As this is a regional conference, registered attendees will receive a pack of six judge foils for participating. Travel and accommodations will not be covered (though we're working on arranging some shared accommodations); and meals may or may not be covered (though we'll make sure you don't starve).

Attendance at this conference will be very limited, so be sure to indicate in your cover letter not only how this conference would benefit your own personal growth in the programme, but also the benefit for your local community. Applications will only be accepted through Friday 24 July.

Tentative schedule:

Saturday, 11am: MOJO Iwazaru while driving to Kelowna for bragging rights...
Saturday, 4pm–8pm: Seminar sessions on PPTQs and Players (with dinner)
Saturday, 8pm: Judge Draft

Sunday, 10am–2pm: Seminar sessions on PPTQs and Judges (with lunch)
Sunday, 2pm: Something Fun

We are also looking for presenters! The theme for this conference is everything to do with PPTQs: player perspectives, judge logistics, the path to the Pro Tour, communities and their Magic events, and everything in between. If you are interested in presenting, please email David Poon by Friday 17 July directly with a brief abstract of your proposed presentation and why you think it is an important topic to present. If you do not have a particular topic in mind, please indicate what you are passionate about as a judge and we will try to match you up with an appropriate subject.

Judge testing for L1/L2 will be available at this conference. Please email Niko Skartvedt if you are interested in testing.


Viewable at the MTGJudge.ca group on Facebook:

Presentation slides

4. Gamble: Investigations, and How to Catch a Cheater

5. Skartvedt: PPTQ Logistics


Staff Members

Name Level Region Role
Niko Skartvedt
Level 3 (Judge Academy) Canada Presenter
Ronald Thompson
Level 3 (Judge Academy) USA - Northwest Presenter
Abeed Bendall
Level 2 (Judge Academy) Canada Presenter
Darren Gamble
Level 2 (Judge Academy) Canada Presenter
Michael Nixon
Level 2 (Judge Academy) Canada Floor Judge
David Poon
Level 2 (Judge Academy) Canada Staff
Zak Turchansky
Level 2 (Judge Academy) Canada Floor Judge
Tobias Vyseri
Level 2 (Judge Academy) Canada Floor Judge
john bai
Level 1 (Judge Academy) Canada Floor Judge
Brenden Gansner
Level 1 (Judge Academy) Canada Floor Judge
Ryan Last
Level 1 (Judge Academy) Canada Floor Judge
Mike Lewis
Level 1 (Judge Academy) Canada Floor Judge
Charles Webber
Level 1 (Judge Academy) USA - Northwest Floor Judge
Kyle Yakiwchuk
Level 1 (Judge Academy) Canada Floor Judge
John-Ross Bara
Uncertified Canada Floor Judge
Huxley Bentz
Uncertified Canada Floor Judge
Caitlyn Bethune
Uncertified Canada Floor Judge
Todd Bussey
Uncertified Canada Floor Judge
Brendan Capel
Uncertified Canada Presenter
Len Cole
Uncertified Canada Floor Judge
Gavin Duggan
Uncertified Canada Staff
Kyle Ferguson
Uncertified Canada Floor Judge
Cyril Ford
Uncertified Canada Floor Judge
Aaron Ford
Uncertified USA - Northwest Floor Judge
Maxwell Knowlan
Uncertified Canada Floor Judge
Andrew Luhmert
Uncertified Canada Floor Judge
SK McDonald
Uncertified Canada Floor Judge
Callum Milne
Uncertified Canada Floor Judge
Scott Neiwert
Uncertified USA - Northwest Presenter
Gurmukh Sachdev
Uncertified Canada Floor Judge
Angela Schabauer
Uncertified Canada Floor Judge
Taichi Takeuchi
Uncertified Canada Floor Judge
Morgan Wesley
Uncertified USA - Northwest Presenter