Open Weekend: Las Vegas

Organizer: Jared Sylva
Judge manager: Riki Hayashi
Event type: Star City Games Tour
REL: Competitive
Format: Mixed Formats
Event date(s): Nov. 17, 2018-Nov. 18, 2018
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America
3000 Paradise Rd
Ballroom A-G
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Applications accepted through: Oct. 15, 2018

Event Information

Thank you for your interest in joining us at Open Weekend: Las Vegas. Below, you will find all the information you'll need to be a judge at our event. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at We look forward to working with you!


Team Open Head Judge: Eliana Rabinowitz - Level 3 
Modern Classic Head Judge: Angela Chandler - Level 2
Standard Classic Head Judge: Travis Lauro - Level 2
Legacy Classic Head Judge: John Carter - Level 3
Rules Enforcement Level: Competitive
Note: For 2018, all applications for Open and Classic Head Judge positions will be part of the Tour Keystone Program.
Judges at Open Weekend events are expected to prepare for each event by reviewing the Comprehensive Rules, Magic Tournament Rules, Infraction Procedure Guide, and Judging at Regular REL documents. These documents can be found at the Magic Judges Document Center. As certified representatives of the Magic Judge Program, judges are expected to behave in a professional manner at all times. Judges are expected to arrive on time and in appropriate attire to begin judging at the start of their assigned shifts.
Judges are expected to arrive no later than 9:00 am on Saturday, and 8:30 am on Sunday and are expected to stay until the conclusion of the Swiss rounds. If you anticipate being unable to arrive on time or needing to leave before 7:00 pm please include that information in your application.
Judges at the Open Weekend will be provided a judge shirt, which is expected to be returned at the conclusion of the event. The Judge should arrive with black pants, black belt, and black, comfortable shoes. During breaks, or any other time that a judge is off duty, judges should remove or cover their judge shirt.


All judges will be required to sign an agreement for their work at a Open Weekend. Compensation will be in the form of a check, which will be provided at the end of your final shift of the weekend or mailed out after the event. International judges will receive their compensation in the form of a PayPal payment after the event. Judges will be required to fill out a valid W-9 (domestic) or W-8 BEN (international) US tax form in order to receive their compensation.
  • Level 1 Judges will receive $125/day staffed.
  • Level 2 Judges will receive $175/day staffed.
  • Level 3 Judges will receive $225/day staffed.
Judges receive an SCG Tour playmat matching the Open event format.
Judges can also apply for a Keystone position for this event, which includes the roles of Open Head Judge, Classic Head Judges, Saturday Side Events Lead, and L3 and L2 Floor Judges. For more information on Keystone, please read here.


In addition to submitting an application ("Apply Now!" at the top of the page), we ask that all applicants complete a GoogleForm with additional questions. Applications without either of a completed GoogleForm response or a Judgeapps application will not be considered.
As per the Wizards Play Network (WPN) policy posted in the Magic Rules and Documents, is required to perform annual background checks on all public facing staff, including judges, contracted to work at our events. After event applications close, but before staff selection, all judges who have not already done so within the previous year, will be asked to provide both the necessary information, and consent, required for's third-party organization to conduct a background check. Please note that these forms must be completed and returned by their respective deadline(s) if you wish to be considered for a contracted judge position at a event.
If your judge level is not currently correct on JudgeApps when you apply please mention this in your application and ask the person who tested you to update this before the application window closes.
The application window for this event will close at 11:59 PM Eastern time on Monday, October 15th, 2018. Judges wishing to apply for this event after the application window has closed will need to contact us at  
Please note that late applications will be considered at a lower priority than those received during the official application window.
Due to staff needs, judges may be accepted for one or two days. There are questions in the GoogleForm to indicate your preference, and requirements to attend, in your application.
Staff for this event will be announced on or before Friday, October 19th, 2018.
Information on room blocks and local hotels will be located in the Event Fact Sheet as it becomes available.


Staff Members

Name Level Region Role
John Carter
Level 3 USA - Northwest Head Judge
Maria Alex Chernov
Level 3 USA - Southwest Team Lead
Joe Klopchic
Level 3 USA - Northwest Appeals Judge
Daniel Lee
Level 3 USA - Southwest Floor Judge
Eliana Rabinowitz
Level 3 USA - Southwest Head Judge
Patrick Vorbroker
Level 3 USA - Midatlantic Staff
Johnpaul Adams
Level 2 USA - Midatlantic Staff
Angela Chandler
Level 2 USA - Southwest Head Judge
Eric Cheung
Level 2 USA - Southwest Floor Judge
Tom Davis
Level 2 USA - Northwest Floor Judge
Jeremy Fain
Level 2 USA - Southwest Floor Judge
Charles Ferguson
Level 2 USA - Southwest Floor Judge
Xander Forral
Level 2 USA - Southwest Floor Judge
Paul Gebhart
Level 2 USA - Southwest Floor Judge
David Hartford
Level 2 USA - Southwest Floor Judge
Caitlyn Hebert
Level 2 USA - Northwest Floor Judge
John Hornberg
Level 2 USA - Southwest Floor Judge
Travis Lauro
Level 2 USA - Southwest Head Judge
Sam Lewis
Level 2 USA - Southwest Floor Judge
Sean Linkous
Level 2 USA - Midatlantic Staff
Colleen Nelson
Level 2 USA - Southwest Floor Judge
Andrej Selivra
Level 2 USA - Southwest Floor Judge
Joseph Steet
Level 2 USA - Northeast Floor Judge
Ward Warren
Level 2 USA - Midatlantic Staff
Adam White
Level 2 USA - Southwest Floor Judge
Kali Anderson
Level 1 USA - Midatlantic Staff
Kazi Baker
Level 1 USA - Southwest Floor Judge
Allyson Cole
Level 1 USA - Southwest Floor Judge
Stephen "Jack" Cummings
Level 1 USA - Southwest Floor Judge
Bronson Dunayevich
Level 1 USA - Southwest Floor Judge
David Holt
Level 1 USA - Northwest Floor Judge
Emily Klopchic (Blasdell)
Level 1 USA - Northwest Staff
Star City Games
Uncertified USA - Midatlantic Tournament Organizer