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Thanks to Mitchell Waldbauer!

Nov. 3, 2014 10:00:22 PM

Christopher Richter
Judge (Level 2)

USA - North

Thanks to Mitchell Waldbauer!

After several years of being L3, Mitchell Waldbaeur has seen several life changes and his involvement and activity with Magic and the Judge program slowly decrease. Because of this he has decided to set down to L2. Here's what Mitchell had to say about his decision

Originally posted by Mitchell Waldbauer:

After a lot of consideration and with a heavy heart, it is time for me to step down from L3. The program has grown a lot. The “cult of self-improvement” has turned out a lot of amazing talent, and I am privileged to have worked with you all.

But we are not going to just let him go without a few other thoughts from RC Kevin Binswanger:

Kevin Binswanger
Mitchell is the person responsible for building a culture of excellence in Texas. Tournament organizers he hasn't worked with in years still remember him and his contributions fondly. Mitchell was also the first of the modern L3s in Texas; he then promptly moved to Japan for several years. When he came back, Mitchell made a big impact; he was responsible for the growth and advancement of a number of a number of the judges that are the heart and soul of judging in the region. And to this day, Mitchell has given me probably the best feedback I've ever received. I will be sad to see Mitchell step down, but I'm happy he's still going to be around, contributing his wealth of knowledge and experience.

I've worked with Mitchell a few times over the years and I agree that the judge program will miss his heavy involvement. Thanks again Mitchell.