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Judge Articles - Looking for Topics!

Nov. 14, 2014 04:50:17 AM

Evan Cherry
Judge (Uncertified)

USA - South

Judge Articles - Looking for Topics!

Greetings Judges!

The Judge Articles project depends on submissions from judges willing to write about the subject of their particular passion. Thanks to hours of work from authors, reviewers, and publishers, we are able to bring high-quality content on a regular basis for the education of the Judge Community. Without a particular scope, we are able to address a variety of topics!

We're interested in learning what the Judge Community feels are areas where articles could provide more development and insight. To achieve this goal, we've prepared a very straight-forward survey for the community at large:

Survey - What are you interested in reading more about?

We'll collect the responses and identify topics that would be served well in article form, then seek authors to prepare submissions over time to address these areas.

Thanks for your participation!

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