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Welcome to L4, Alfonso!

Feb. 16, 2015 04:36:46 AM

Carlos Ho
Judge (Level 3), Grand Prix Head Judge, Regional Coordinator (Hispanic America - North), L3 Panel Lead

Hispanic America - North

Welcome to L4, Alfonso!

Alfonso Bueno has been in the judge program for years, having been a L3 for more than a decade (since Pro Tour Columbus 2004), and for a long time, he’s been recognized as one of the top L3 judges.

Years ago, he took the reins of the Spanish/Portuguese community and managed to motivate and empower the whole community to work on so many projects that it seems like no single L2+ judge isn’t working on one. From these projects, the community has grown a lot, and it has evolved to the point that three new L3s were certified last year, making the current count stand at a whooping 8.

Before focusing on community aspects, Alfonso was very keen on tournament logistics and this is something that hasn’t stopped while he was busy building the Iberian community. He continued honing his event logistics skills, to the point that he has been used as GP XO by several L4+ judges, and has even taken the helm of a GP when needed, earning praise from these head judges for being key to the success of the event.

All of these qualities make Alfonso a great candidate for leading the global judge program and run the largest events on the planet, and we’re extremely glad to welcome him to the ranks of L4. As L4, Alfonso will start working on improving the program’s communication, and we’re sure that he’ll soon start developing other projects, just like he did in Spain/Portugal.