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Testing in lieu of Judge Center

June 29, 2017 05:27:36 AM

Gregory Titov
Judge (Level 2)


Testing in lieu of Judge Center

Is there another way to access the advancement tests or practice tests with judge center being down? I've honestly recommended the practices to candidates in the past and with the Center being down, It's left a bit of a hole in my prep-suggestions for those I know who are looking at leveling up.

(If there is something already addressing this and I am blind, please forgive me and simply delete this post. Apologies in advance =) )

June 29, 2017 05:36:46 AM

Julio Sosa
Judge (Level 3)

Hispanic America - South

Testing in lieu of Judge Center

RCs should have access to some exams while Judge Center is down. Check with them in case you need to administer an exam.

June 29, 2017 06:29:43 AM

Scott Marshall
Forum Moderator
Judge (Level 3), Regional Coordinator (USA - Northwest), Hall of Fame

USA - Northwest

Testing in lieu of Judge Center

RCs have testing materials for use in certain circumstances; speaking for myself, I've only used them when the timing justified it. These test materials predate the changes that disabled Judge Center, so some of those tests will have some obsolete questions.

There is cause for optimism, however; the new judge exams are currently being “beta tested”. What I've seen so far is promising, so I remain hopeful we'll have tests again fairly soon.