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Nationals draft issues with WER

Sept. 9, 2017 02:00:51 PM

Kevin Moore
Judge (Level 2)

Europe - North

Nationals draft issues with WER

Hi judges,
Just wanted to share some things we ran into today during the draft portion of Nationals so you can be prepared. When you switch to pairing inside pods to start the draft, we had two issues.

1. We had some 7 player pods, but those were starting from pod 1 and not the last pods. This means undefeated players will be receiving byes.
2. Players that had dropped were added back to the draft.

In order to fix this, you are going to need to redo the pods manually.

We also were not able to print the pods. Not sure if this was a mistake on our end, but we ended up taking screenshots of the pods from WER and printed those.

I hope this helps someone, and good luck with your events!

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Sept. 10, 2017 09:23:36 AM

Federico Calò
Judge (Level 1), Scorekeeper

Italy and Malta

Nationals draft issues with WER

Hi Judges,

a new document with instruction will be distributed to Nationals TOs for next week explaining how to handle this situation.
Dropped players are not reentered in the tournament, they only show up in the pods, but will not be paired.
In the meanwhile the procedure to follow is:
  • when switching from standard to draft and from draft 1 to draft 2, create the pods manually
  • print standings to aid in creating draft pods, select the first 8 players from the top of the standings and create a pod. Repeat until you added all players to pods, leaving all pods with more or less than 8 players at the end.
  • follow this link for a guide to find out how many pods to create based on the number of players

As for printing pods, to enable the print pods menu item you have to create pods before pairing round 1. It is not needed for correct pairings, but if you only create the pods in round 4 (or whenever your first draft is) there will not be the print pods menu in WER.