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JudgeApps Event Forum and Policy Updates

May 18, 2018 02:08:37 PM

Dan Collins
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USA - Northeast

JudgeApps Event Forum and Policy Updates

Hello everyone, we have some updates to JudgeApps that we think everyone who uses the site should know about. We were worried that JudgeApps users disable or ignore notification emails because of a large amount of traffic that they aren’t interested in, so we’re taking steps to make it easier to subscribe to the specific things you are interested in, like event information and forum posts. The main change is an update to how event forums are structured for Grand Prix events. Details at the link below:

If you’re still here, I’d encourage you to check three settings on your JudgeApps account, to make sure it’s configured the way you want.

  • Are you getting Official Announcements from the program? At the top of each forum page is a “notification settings for this forum” selection. If you leave it at “Default”, it uses your global notification setting for “New Generic Forum Post”, which defaults to no notifications at all.
  • Do you want notifications for Event forum posts? In your global notification settings, check your settings for “New Event Forum Post” and “New Miscellaneous Event Forum Post”.
  • Do you want notifications when new events are created? Scroll down to the bottom of your global notification settings, where you can configure them by region and event type.