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UPDATE: new process for judge contracts at GPs

Sept. 22, 2018 08:27:14 AM

Wouter Maenhaut
Judge (Uncertified), Tournament Organizer


UPDATE: new process for judge contracts at GPs

this message is for all judges working at GPs in EU/Canada/Mexico (incl. North-American judges) & in USA (non-USA judges)

Hi there MTG Judge!

There are some exciting (and important) changes in the process of contracting, which will be implemented in the upcoming weeks, from GP Montreal / GP Mexico City onwards…
Please read the below information asap and follow the instructions as described. Thank you for your support & cooperation, and don’t hesitate to share any thoughts, feedback and concerns.

Over the past years, you’ve been one of the many judges with who we had the pleasure to work with at Grand Prix or other events. During these years, we’ve managed to keep on finetuning the framework we set up that describes our relationship: the judge/contractor service agreement you are all familiar with.
And this only thanks to your many thoughts and feedback that you shared with us.

We’ve spent lots of time on developing the content of the contracts, and moved on to improve the process. We came from paper contracts at the event, to a pre-event paperless online signature process.
But behind the scenes we’ve worked very hard to make this process even smoother and more secured for all parties involved.
We’re very happy to tell you how we’ll handle this in the future, and how this will positively affect you and your personal data.

The new process
We’ve created a ‘staff only’ section on our website where you as a staff member can manage your personal data, contracts, documents & payments.
On the back-end, there’s an interface for the organizer or judge/comp manager to manage the entire contracting and payment proces in an easy way.

The goal is to make the process easier , safer and more accurate than ever before.

To be clear, nothing changes on the content of the contracts/addendums, nor on the compensation method.

Why is this change necessary?
As you can probably imagine, or might have noticed, the current system required a lot of administrative follow-up. Multiple people were involved in the process and multiple files are used to store your personal data. This leads to errors, inaccurate data, etc.
With this new system, all of your personal data is gathered in one secured place (stored on EU servers), where you manage this data yourself (data like name, e-mail, address, TIN-number, paypal account, … So you’ll never be asked again by e-mail, google form, … to share any of this personal information.
This is an important step forward (and a necessary one) to comply with the new European GDPR privacy legislation.

Secondly, this new process offers more flexibility for the comp manager on-site to track the status of contracts, update/change contracts on the spot, and even process payments quicker. This means quicker fixes of errors, and quicker payments.

A third advantage is that you as a staff member can always consult your documentation in one secured place, in your account on . No more need to request duplicates by e-mail. Besides that, you can upload your invoices for each event in your account, and share these with the organizer. It’s easy for the organizer, it’s easy for you. Lastly, you’ll receive a yearly overview of your compensation, in an official template for you to use for your tax declaration.

Great! So how do I get started?
We hope you see the benefits of this step forward, and are excited to get started!
Here are the instructions on how to get started!

1. I already have an account on
If you already have an account on, please reach out to us by e-mail ( We’ll have to delete your account, and start from scratch with the below process.

2. I don’t have an account yet
Perfect, let’s change that!
Go to the following link to register for your account as a staff member:

You’ll see that your personal data is mandatory (it has an * next to it), while entering your PayPal account is not mandatory. Note that without entering a PayPal account, you will not be able to receive a compensation at all. As this will delay your payment process for your first upcoming event, please enter your paypal account while registering.
If you don’t know your TIN-number, you can find more information about this number here:

Once registered, you’ll get a confirmation e-mail, make sure you activate your account by clicking on the activation link.
Make sure to double check your personal data again, and update where required.
Without your personal data in the account, we can not generate contracts.

From now on, you can login with your account on
Once logged in, you can find multiple new menu items on your profile page.
On the “my contracts” tab, you’ll find an overview of all your upcoming contracts.
On the “my documents” tab, you can upload your invoices or other documents, linked to an event.

When do we start with this?
Make sure you create and activate your account as soon as possible, as we’ll start with this process for any upcoming Grand Prix in Europe/Canada/Mexico (for all staff) and USA (for non-US staff).
So everyone working on any of the following events, make sure to create your account asap:
• GP Montreal (all staff!)
• GP Mexico City (all staff!)
• GP Denver (non-US staff only)
• GP New Jersey (non-US staff only)
• GP Lille (all staff!)
• …

Anyone on staff for these events who has not created their account ‘in time’, will get an automatic activation e-mail to create your account.

Errors, issues, questions, feedback
Although this tool has been created with feedback from the community, and has been tested a lot, we’re pretty sure you’ll have feedback, ideas, concerns, maybe even errors or issues when creating your account, etc. Please, share these with us on , so we know what it’s about, and help you out.
Do keep in mind we have limited resources (time & money) available in creating and maintaining this tool, due to which this is maybe a bit basic and far from perfect. We’ll keep on investing in improving the user experience & expending the possibilities and tools, based on your feedback and ideas, so looking forward to your input!

Thank you all for helping us to make this transition as smooth as possible & we’re looking forward to making this step together with you!

Kind regards,

Wouter Maenhaut
Managing Partner

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Sept. 22, 2018 09:15:27 AM

Wouter Maenhaut
Judge (Uncertified), Tournament Organizer


UPDATE: new process for judge contracts at GPs

To clarify the first message about the topic: this message was/is intended to reach all judges working at GPs in EU/Canada/Mexico (incl. North-American judges) & in USA (non-USA judges).

Kind regards,

Wouter Maenhaut
Managing Partner