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Modern Horizons Missed Triggers Guide

June 14, 2019 07:24:27 AM

Matt Wall
Judge (Level 2)

USA - Midatlantic

Modern Horizons Missed Triggers Guide

Hello there, judges!

Modern Horizons is right around the corner (or has happened by now, those of you visiting this thread from the future). And from all indications, this is looking like one of the most complicated sets in… Well, a good long while. 14 triggers that upgrade when missed, and among those, a grab bag of triggers that either undo a zone change, or surprisingly do not.

The Missed Triggers Guide project has put together this article with all of the cards to watch for as we gear up for some Competitive REL Modern Horizons, along with explanations for how we arrived at all of our decisions. Even if you've already gotten a good look at the set, give this article a read, and make sure you're squared away on all of the weirdness that this highly-anticipated set is bringing (or has brought, time travelers).