Player Surveys

Crafting, administering, and interpreting surveys of the player population

Project Manager: Mackenzie Stratford
Public: Yes
Looking For: Statistics / survey design experts

Project Description

This project is part of the Player Experience Sphere.

This project designs and implements surveys to gather data about players' impressions and experiences of the judge program.  The project then interprets the resulting data and works with appropriate groups to put the lessons learned into practice.

Project Members

Name Level Location Role
David Lyford-Smith Level 3 United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa Admin
Mackenzie Stratford Level 2 Australia and New Zealand Admin
Joel Bantiles Level 3 Southeast Asia Member
Paul Baranay Level 3 USA - Northeast Member
Mitja Bosnic Level 2 Europe - East Member
Angela Chandler Level 2 USA - Southwest Member
Uri Hershkovitz Level 2 Europe - East Member
Jacob Milicic Level 3 USA - North Member