Translations - Annoucements

This project will be helping with translating the announcements by the leaders of the community.

Project Manager: Hans Wang
Public: Yes
Looking For: Translators

Project Description

The goals of the project is:


Many L1s and L2 around the world are not very involved in the judge program because of the language barrier, this project would like to take them into consideration and try to let all the judges around the world can be aware of the announcements.

Project Members

Name Level Location Role
Alfonso Bueno Level 3 Iberia Admin
Jack Doyle Level 3 United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa Admin
Bryan Prillaman Level 3 USA - Southeast Admin
Riccardo Tessitori Level 3 Italy and Malta Admin
Hans Wang Level 3 Greater China Admin
Fábio Batista Level 1 Iberia Member
CJ Crooks Level 3 USA - Midatlantic Member
Martin Cuchet Level 2 France Member
Juan Del Compare Level 3 Hispanic America - South Member
Arseniy Egorov Level 2 Russia and Russian-speaking countries Member
Nuno Falcao e Cunha Level 2 Iberia Member
Lamberto Franco Level 2 Italy and Malta Member
Mathias Grontzki Level 2 German-speaking countries Member
Uri Hershkovitz Level 2 Europe - East Member
Taro Ito Level 2 Japan Member
Kim Kanegusuke Level 2 Brazil Member
Karsten Kockler Uncertified German-speaking countries Member
Stefan Ladstätter Level 3 German-speaking countries Member
Monsuporn Lauhaphand Level 3 Southeast Asia Member
Woosuk Lee Uncertified Greater China Member
Daniel Levy Uncertified German-speaking countries Member
Mitsunori Makino Level 3 Japan Member
Anderson Marinho Level 1 Brazil Member
Bruno Matos Level 1 Iberia Member
Jonathan L Melamed Level 1 Brazil Member
La Miao Uncertified Greater China Member
Jackson Moore Level 2 France Member
José Moreira Level 1 Iberia Member
Sophie Pages Level 3 France Member
Saverio Palmieri Neto Level 1 Brazil Member
Pakhawadee Palungwachira Uncertified Southeast Asia Member
Alan Peng Level 2 Australia and New Zealand Member
Joaquín Pérez Level 2 Iberia Member
Raphael Pistorius Level 2 German-speaking countries Member
Gimena Pombo Level 2 Iberia Member
Gonçalo Rodrigues Level 2 Iberia Member
David Shor Level 2 Europe - East Member
Piotr Stychno Level 2 Europe - Central Member
Farid Taoubi Level 2 German-speaking countries Member
Charles-Henri Turpin Level 2 France Member
Yuval Tzur Level 2 Europe - East Member
Johanna Virtanen Level 3 Europe - North Member
Chengji Wang Uncertified Australia and New Zealand Member
Bartosz Wojciechowski Level 1 Europe - Central Member
Zhaoben Xu Level 2 Greater China Member
Alex YEUNG Level 3 Greater China Member