Resultslip: the Game

This project aims to bring a fun game that enables judges to get to know eachother to as many events as possible.

Project Manager: Jeffrey Emery
Public: Yes
Looking For: Judges who attend GPs and want to make and bring the game. Time needed: 1 hour per GP you want to bring the game to! Time needed: 1-4 hours per month.

Project Description

Resultslip is an adaptation of the amazing Love Letter game, that can be customised for specific events. You can easily make it yourself and bring it to a Grand Prix, where you leave the game in the judge room for judges to have fun with. It's a quick and easy game that will offer some fun and distraction during a break, offers another way for judges to socialise and interact with eachother, and teaches new judges the names and faces of some important people of that event. 


This project is looking for some judges who are willing to help distribute the game to all Grands Prix in the world. For every GP, we need one judge who makes and brings the game. This projects provides a ready-to-go version of the game, that only needs to be customised and printed; this will take one hour of your time, and requires a (colour) printer and some old sleeves. 


Help us spread the Love (Letter)!

Project Members

Name Level Location Role
Dustin De Leeuw Level 3 BeNeLux Admin
Jeffrey Emery Level 2 USA - Northeast Admin
Joel Bantiles Level 3 Southeast Asia Member
Nicolas Baptiste Uncertified France Member
Eugene Bazhenov Level 3 Russia and Russian-speaking countries Member
Matteo Callegari Level 3 Italy and Malta Member
Wearn Chong Level 3 Southeast Asia Member
Kentaro Guthrie Level 2 Canada Member
Toby Hazes Level 2 BeNeLux Member
Klaus Lassacher Level 2 German-speaking countries Member
Rick Miles Level 2 Canada Member
Philippe Monlevade Level 2 Brazil Member
Fabian Peck Level 3 Australia and New Zealand Member
Justin Purcell Level 2 USA - Northeast Member
Gage Robelen Level 2 USA - South Member
Krystal Rose Level 2 USA - Northwest Member
Yukio Victoria Level 3 Hispanic America - South Member
Tobias Vyseri Level 2 Canada Member
Steven Zwanger Level 3 USA - Midatlantic Member