Investigation Workshops

Bring investigation workshops to your event with this "open-source" workshop library

Project Manager: Ronald Thompson
Public: Yes

Project Description

If you'd like more experience with investigations or would like critical, constructive feedback, we are dedicated to having a large library of role-play scenarios that you can go through with your fellow judges.  Scenarios will be added and updated periodically to keep things fresh.  This project is intended to provide an environment of learning through peer review.  


One of our goals is to keep the project "open-source," meaning that anyone can request the scenarios and see how they will work.  If you plan on utilizing these scenarios for your own benefit, I recommend not looking at them in advance as you will spoil the outcome for yourself.  We also ask readers and participants to be mindful that others may want to have these benefits later, so try not to spoil it for someone else.  :)

Project Members

Name Level Location Role
Ronald Thompson Level 3 USA - Northwest Admin
Matteo Callegari Level 3 Italy and Malta Member
Maria Alex Chernov Level 3 USA - Southwest Member
Stephan Classen Level 3 USA - Northwest Member
Gregory Farias Level 2 Brazil Member
Brook Gardner-Durbin Level 2 USA - Northwest Member
Matthew Johnson Level 3 United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa Member
Travis Lauro Level 2 USA - Southwest Member
Sam Lewis Level 2 USA - Southwest Member
Jessica Livingston Level 2 USA - South Member
Leonardo Martins Level 2 Brazil Member
Agustín Mopty Level 3 Hispanic America - South Member
Sophie Pages Level 3 France Member
Christina Paz Level 2 Canada Member
Ivan Petkovic Level 3 German-speaking countries Member
Mikaël Rabie Level 3 France Member
Eliana Rabinowitz Level 3 USA - Southwest Member
Nicholas Zitomer Level 3 USA - Southeast Member