Ancestral Recall

Bring old articles back into the light

Project Manager: Charles-Henri Turpin
Public: Yes
Alignment: Sphere Project - Learning
(Lead: Sophie Pages )
Looking For: Always looking for "archivists" (article finders), and episode writers.

Project Description

Ancestral Recall digs into the archives of MTG articles about judging and bring their teachings back into the light.

Once a week, three times a month, a new article is presented and each month has its theme.

Every episodes of Ancestral Recall can be found in JudgeApps Recurring Publications & Blog Posts forum section, as well as in the Learning Sphere section of the blog.

If you are interested in becoming an archivist (article finder) and/or a writer for this project, please pm Charles-Henri Turpin ;) 

Project Members

Name Level Location Role
Charles-Henri Turpin Level 2 France Admin
Lars Harald Nordli Level 2 Europe - North Member
Norman Ralph Level 2 United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa Member
Janick Staub Uncertified German-speaking countries Member
Brayden Worrell Level 1 USA - Southwest Member