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Resolution of Urza's Bauble

July 24, 2017 07:23:32 PM

Charles Featherer
Judge (Level 2)

USA - Northeast

Resolution of Urza's Bauble

We've been having a lively discussion in our regional Facebook group regarding Urza's Bauble:

{T}, Sacrifice Urza's Bauble: Look at a card at random in target player's hand. You draw a card at the beginning of the next turn's upkeep.

The fundamental question (as a result of an on camera match this past weekend) is whether or not both players are allowed to know/see what card is revealed, or is the process described by the card supposed to only allow the player sacrificing the Bauble the opportunity to see the card revealed.

If only one player is allowed to know what card is revealed (not the owner of the card) and if so, how is this supposed to be done?

I'm hoping for an ‘O’ answer on this, as it seems like we have judges firmly in both camps.


As per a thread from 2014: Urza's Bauble

Apologies for asking duplicate question, I thought the Search box in the upper right of the screen was the best way to find previous threads. Learn something new everyday.

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July 27, 2017 11:14:27 PM

Scott Marshall
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USA - Northwest

Resolution of Urza's Bauble

Since the ‘O’fficial answer linked above is a couple years old, I'm just chiming in here to confirm that it is, in fact, still the correct answer.

In practice, it would be awkward (at best) to obscure that information in any effective manner, but the reasons go beyond that. When asked, the Rules Manager (Eli “to the rescue” Shiffrin) said:
You can tell which card is being looked at. When a random object changes zones, that object must be known immediately before performing the action in case replacement effects can affect that event. The same philosophy holds here, even though there’s no zone change involved and it’s unlikely that this event could ever be modified.