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Changes in CR 614.12

Sept. 28, 2017 09:02:39 AM

Mario Haßler
Judge (Uncertified)

German-speaking countries

Changes in CR 614.12

Only a few hours left, then the new rule CR 614.12 will be in effect, which is about replacement effects that modify how a permanent enters the battlefield.

The old version made us “ignoring continuous effects from any other source”, the new version will make us instead “taking into account (…) continuous effects that already exist and would apply to the permanent”.

I have the feeling that's one small step for a rules text, but one giant impact on a couple of questions. Here are some that the judges in charge might want to re-visit (or at least I'd like to have a clarification):

  1. “Blood Moon and Windbrisk Heights interaction”: The final answer was that with Blood Moon on the battlefield, Windbrisk Heights will enter tapped, but the Hideaway trigger won't happen. I guess now it will even enter untapped?

  2. “Containment Priest, Nature's Revolt and Lands”: I control Containment Priest and Nature's Revolt. I guess now each land my opponents play will be exiled?

  3. “Ambush Commander, Essence of the Wild, and a Forest ”: I control an Ambush Commander and Essence of the Wild, then I play a Forest. I guess now it will enter as a copy of Essence of the Wild?

  4. And I'd like to add this one: I control a Prismatic Omen. Will my Sulfur Falls enter the battlefield untapped? I guess: No, because although I think of the land as a land with all basic land types, it is not yet on the battlefield when the replacement effect is applied.*

Thanks for your efforts,

Mario Hassler

* I'd say that's similar to a God entering the battlefield which raises the devotion above the threshold: The God was a creature card, is a creature spell, and will be a creature on the battlefield, and nothing else ever inbetween, but as the devotion is not high enough before it enters the battlefield, replacement effects for creatures entering the battlefield don't apply, see e. g. here or here.

Edit: Put numbers before the questions, added the question with Prismatic Omen and the footnote on Gods and devotion as some sort of a counterexamle.

Edited Mario Haßler (Sept. 28, 2017 09:25:59 AM)

Oct. 3, 2017 03:28:48 PM

Callum Milne
Forum Moderator
Judge (Uncertified)


Changes in CR 614.12

Yes, the new version of 614.12 has rendered those old rulings inaccurate: A Hideaway land that enters under a Blood Moon will enter untapped (though still without triggering its ability), Containment Priest plus Nature's Revolt will cause every land players attempt to play to be exiled instead of entering the battlefield, and Ambush Commander plus Essence of the Wild will cause all of your Forests to enter the battlefield as Essence of the Wilds.

However, in general we're not going to be revisiting old rulings like these and continually updating them as the rules change. There's over seven hundred threads in this forum with more being added all the time, and searching through them each time a substantive change is made to the rules in case one of them has become outdated is effort that's far better spent elsewhere.

To answer the new question, if you control Prismatic Omen but no other lands, the Omen will not cause a Sulfur Falls (or similar) to enter the battlefield untapped, because although the land will be an Island (and Mountain, etc.) once it's on the battlefield, it's not on the battlefield yet, so you do not currently meet the ability's conditions. (If you do control other lands, the Falls will of course enter untapped, since the Omen gives those other lands the types necessary for you to meet the condition.)