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Squee Vs Ixalan's Binding

April 3, 2018 03:02:07 PM

Harry Barlow
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Squee Vs Ixalan's Binding

I have a Squee, the Immortal (or Misthollow Griffin or Eternal Scourge) exiled opponent's Ixalan's Binding (or Godsend). Can I cast it?

The rules for casting a spell state that the spell is moved onto the stack when the cast is proposed, before the legality is checked - at which point it will find that my creatyre is no longer in exile.

Or can the cast not be proposed if a card effect says it can't be done?

April 19, 2018 07:40:13 PM

Nathan Long
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Squee Vs Ixalan's Binding


Thanks for your question. Not even Ixlana's Binding can keep Squee away. The first thing you do when you cast a spell is move it from where you're casting it (in this case, from exile) to the stack. Then, during 601.2e, we check to see if we're able to cast the spell. Since Squee is on the stack, not in exile, the Binding isn't preventing you from casting Squee, so you would be able to cast the exiled Squee.

EDIT: To put this another way: if your opponent has a Void Winnower in play, and you want to cast Rolling Thunder, you can, since we don't check the converted mana cost until 601.2e. This is a similiar situation. We start casting Squee, which involves moving it from exile to the stack. Once we get to 2e, there's nothing exiled by the Binding (since Squee is on the stack), so the Binding doesn't do anything and you can cast Squee.

Nathan Long
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