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601.3 after squee fix and split cards

Sept. 13, 2018 11:20:38 AM

Arman Gabbasov
Judge (Level 2)

Russia and Russian-speaking countries

601.3 after squee fix and split cards

Am I allowed to cast Battery if there’s a Nevermore naming Assault in play?

Now that there is a fixed 601.3 stating that I can only start casting a spell prohibited from being cast only if some info about it can change during the process of casting and thus make it legal to cast.

Split cards have both names anywhere but on the stack. So in my hand I have a card that is also called Assault that I am about to propose. Is me proposing it changing its name?

Is the answer different for fused spells?

Sept. 18, 2018 12:18:17 PM

Callum Milne
Forum Moderator
Judge (Level 2)


601.3 after squee fix and split cards

Yes, you can still cast Battery (of Assault // Battery fame) if there's a Nevermore naming Assault on the battlefield–the half of the split card that you're casting is not named ‘Assault’, so Nevermore's restriction does not prohibit you from casting it.

If Nevermore was instead naming one half of a split card with fuse, such as Alive (from Alive // Well), then you could cast Well, but you could not cast Alive, nor could you cast Alive // Well fused, since in both of those cases, the spell that you're casting would have the name that Nevermore forbids.