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"Sinister Concoction" dredge

June 11, 2019 04:54:24 AM

Kazushi Shimamura
Judge (Level 2)


"Sinister Concoction" dredge

The Japanese(not judge) community provided interesting topic.
It is called to “Sinister Concoction” dredge.
That is activate to Sinister Concoction and put a top card of library to graveyard first because can pay cost any order(CR601.2h).
After that controller don't pay other cost and back up before activate to Sinister Concoction.
However, card moved from library to graveyard do not return(CR721.1).
So, Sinister Concoction's controller can put a card only want.

OK, I know that need right target and can't pay cost only a part.
But if there are creature and controller has no card in hand?
That disturbed by CR 721.2?
If that is true, controller can start to activate to Sinister Concoction every phase and step priority?
It is strange situation.
Or, player can't activate to ability because have don't enough resource?
If that is true, why Selvala, Explorer Returned is OK?

I think that I can not admit this.
But I can not find the grounds.

Thank you.

June 12, 2019 05:13:41 PM

Nathan Long
Forum Moderator
Judge (Level 2)

USA - Northwest

"Sinister Concoction" dredge


To put things bluntly - what you're describing is Cheating. You're intentionally taking an action that you have no intention of completing in order to gain an advantage (milling a card from the library every time you try to activate the Concoction's ability and failing to fully pay). Remember - just because the Comprehensive Rules have things in place to help with rewinding illegal actions doesn't mean that the Tournament Rules and IPG can't also apply - and in the case your describing, A. You're gaining an advantage through your actions and B. You know what you're doing is against the rules (well, I suppose in theory someone may not know, but I don't think I'm ever going to come across someone trying this and not have some idea of what they're trying to do is against the rules).

So, in short - don't do that, or you'll find yourself in an abbreviated tournament experience for the day.

Nathan Long
Magic Rules NetRep

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