Judge Conferences - Photos

Photos Taken from every Judge Conference

Project Manager: Damián Hiller
Public: Yes
Alignment: Sphere Project - Conferences
(Lead: Damián Hiller )
Looking For: people willing to help with gathering photos

Project Description

Conferences are a great learning and team building tool in judge community. On each and every conference we attend, we make new friends or catch up with old ones. And after the conference finishes, we leave with something new learned but best memories are from events that happened outside of conference floor. 
In our conference standardization documents and execution efforts we encourage organizers and attendees to take pictures and record conferences in order to share what is learned and promote such events so more will come in the future.
Judge Conference Photos project is a simple but efficient way to promote both formal and causal parts of the conference. We chose Flickr as easiest and most efficient platform for sharing, what is mostly, a social part of conferences.

Job description:
-Get info from Judge Conference crew about new conference (or via judge apps :) )
-Contact the organizer and arrange you get the photos after the conference
-Upload the photos to Judge Conference Photos Flickr account
-Post the link to Judge Conferences blog with short description

There are around 50 conferences yearly and we also have to upload some recent ones. 

Project Members

Name Level Location Role
Jack Doyle Level 3 (Judge Academy) United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa Admin
Damián Hiller Level 3 (Judge Academy) Hispanic America - South Admin
Stjepko Petrušić Level 1 (Judge Academy) Europe - East Member
Dennis Xiao Level 2 (Judge Academy) Southeast Asia Member