Judge Buddy Program! Organizational Project

A system of resources and mentors desgined to create the best experience for people working their first big event.

Project Manager: Eliana Rabinowitz
Public: Yes
Alignment: Sphere Project - Coaching
(Lead: Ivan Petkovic )

Project Description

Our goals

1. Connect younger less known judges to more experienced judges, before an event in order to help them become a part of the community.

2. Prepare judges to integrate into to large events, answering questions about procedures, customs, and norms and introducing them to people they will be working with.
3. Reviewing judges after an event, setting them up for future success, pointing out areas for growth and helping them find their place in the judge community.

This will be a planning and orginazational group.

Project Members

Name Level Location Role
Cassidy Melczak Level 2 (Judge Academy) USA - Midatlantic Admin
Eliana Rabinowitz Level 3 (Judge Academy) USA - Northeast Admin
Jessica Livingston Level 2 (Judge Academy) USA - South Member
Matt Marheine Level 2 (Judge Academy) USA - Northwest Member
Ivan Petkovic Level 3 (Judge Academy) German-speaking countries Member
Chuanjie Seow Level 2 (Judge Academy) Southeast Asia Member
Jaspa Stritt Level 2 (Judge Academy) United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa Member