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Sphere Name: Coaching
Sphere Lead: Ivan Petkovic

The Coaching Sphere focuses on training and mentoring judges. It provides skills to judges that enable them to grow as judges but also as individuals. Examples of these skills are giving and receiving effective feedback, working in and leading a team delivering rulings and other general communication skills. Raising awareness about, as well as teaching these skills will ultimately raise the quality of player experience, make leaders more effective at events, projects and in their communities as well as create a better judging environment.

Sphere Projects Looking for Help

Project Description Project Manager Looking For Public Forum
Judge Booth Judge Booth is providing some rules questions in a fun environnement and allowing to test the players' knowledge about Magic Rules at MTG events. This project manages the questions for the interactive Judge Booth : http://booth.magicjudges.org. We are currently looking for translators, especially on following languages (CH, RU, JPN) Jean-François DURMONT Translators (CH, RU, JPN) Yes
Random Situation Generator Train judges with real time situations Ralph Glätsch Interesting situations & people to try the workshop Yes
L2 training - German speaking countries Group for L1 judges in German speaking countries who would like to go for L2. Konrad Eibl L2+mentors to work with L1 Yes
Mystical Tutor A web platform for passive and interactive education of judges Io Hughto Web devs, content creators, people with fun ideas, someone with a wonderful narration voice Yes
Judge Quiz for GPs Creation of questions for a quiz based on GP format Sophie Pages Japanese and Chinese translators Yes
The Coaching Sphere - leadership group Project used for steering and coordinating efforts in the leadership group Ivan Petkovic People passionate about soft and communication skills Yes
Flash Feedback Tokens This is the project to create flash feedback tokens for use at GPs Wearn Chong Continent distributor Yes

Other Sphere Projects

Project Description Project Manager Public Forum
Judge Buddy Program! Organizational Project A system of resources and mentors desgined to create the best experience for people working their first big event. Eliana Rabinowitz Yes
L2-Mentoring Hello and welcome to the L2-Mentoring Project. This is a tool established in the German region to help people get from L1 to L2 and also improve existing L2s. Konrad Eibl Yes
L3 mentoring and feedback 2017 (completed) We helped L3 judges who wanted to receive feedback and improve (2017) Riccardo Tessitori Yes
L3 Bootcamp A group of L3 candidates and their path towards L3 Stefan Ladstätter Yes
Logistics Workshop A workshop to train judges in tournament logistics using simulated situations Yuval Tzur Yes