Mystical Tutor

A web platform for passive and interactive education of judges

Project Manager: Io Hughto
Public: Yes
Alignment: Sphere Project - Coaching
(Lead: Ivan Petkovic )
Looking For: Web devs, content creators, people with fun ideas, someone with a wonderful narration voice

Project Description

This is a platform for learning rules and policy for those people who want to become judges but who have trouble meeting with another judge mentor.  Initially, this project will publish a new bite-sized lesson every two weeks.  The core lessons are 5-10 minutes presentations done with Prezi (or a similar software) with audio narration as well.  Lessons are grouped into blocks called classes and each class will have a set of quiz questions at the end.  Further down the road, we will add achievements and other fun little things in order to maintain engagement of the learners.  We will also be adding a system to have regular live sessions with some sort of WebEx or GoToMeeting system to help people learn that way as well.

Project Members

Name Level Location Role
Io Hughto Uncertified USA - Northwest Admin
Jonah Kellman Level 5 (Judge Foundry) USA - Northeast Admin
Johnpaul Adams Level 2 (Judge Academy) USA - Midatlantic Member
Mani Cavalieri Level 2 (Judge Academy) USA - Northeast Member
Jeffrey Emery Level 2 (Judge Academy) USA - Northeast Member
Jon Goud Level 5 (Judge Foundry) Canada Member
Megan Linscott Uncertified USA - Northeast Member
Craig Stambaugh Uncertified USA - Northeast Member
Andrew Thompson Level 2 (Judge Foundry) USA - Great Lakes Member
Minh Vu Level 2 (Judge Foundry) USA - Great Lakes Member