Random Situation Generator

Train judges with real time situations

Project Manager: Ralph Glätsch
Public: Yes
Alignment: Sphere Project - Coaching
(Lead: Ivan Petkovic )
Looking For: Interesting situations & people to try the workshop

Project Description



  1. Each situation requires 2-4 participants: a judge, and depending on the scenario 1-2 players and/or a head judge (having four to six participants per group is encouraged, since people may have feedback even if they're not actively participating) 
  2. Each group will use a dedicated app to generate the situation (some of the details are not available to all participants)
  3. The players set up a situation as described before they "call" a judge (this usually requires some magic cards, so have some ready for each group)
  4. Player A is the one causing the judge call (the situation defines whether on purpose or not)
  5. If relevant, Player B may accuse Player A of cheating
  6. The Judge will answer the call
  7. After the situation is resolved, all participants (actors, judge, HJ and spectators) will discuss the situation and are welcome to give feedback 
  8. Generate a new situation
  9. At the end of the workshop, you may gather all groups and have them share what they learned

Interested in trying? Load the app and try it out!


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Random Situation Package 23-11-2016 Ralph Glätsch Nov. 23, 2016, 7:53 a.m. Public

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