Translations - Magic Judge Monthly

Translation of the MJM newsletter

Project Manager: Juan Del Compare
Public: Yes
Alignment: Sphere Project - Translations
(Lead: Juan Del Compare )
Looking For: Translators for the language not yet available

Project Description

Magic is a game translated in several languages, and tournaments are conducted in lots of countries around the globe. As the game grows, the judges community grows, including judges that may not speak english fluently. Language shouldn’t be a barrier for judges when they want to be updated on what goes on the community forums.

-    Translate the Magic Judge Monthly newsletter to several languages.

Project structure
-    Coordinator for the project, that works with the MJM team to have the source document available for translation as soon as possible.

-    A team of one or more judges for each language.

-    Each language has its own blog, accesible to the team.


All languages are now in the main blog









Project Members

Name Level Location Role
Juan Del Compare Level 3 (Judge Academy) Hispanic America - South Admin
Sophie Pages Level 3 (Judge Academy) France Admin
Inês Aguiar Branco Level 2 (Judge Academy) Iberia Member
Florent Bellier Level 1 (Judge Academy) France Member
Alfonso Cabargas Madrid Level 1 (Judge Academy) Europe - North Member
Hao Du Level 2 (Judge Academy) Greater China Member
Nuno Falcao e Cunha Level 2 (Judge Academy) Iberia Member
Lamberto Franco Level 2 (Judge Academy) Italy and Malta Member
Christian Genz Level 2 (Judge Academy) United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa Member
Eleazar Magnere Level 2 (Judge Academy) Hispanic America - South Member
Luca Morelli Level 1 (Judge Academy) Italy and Malta Member
Arnaud Perrouin Level 2 (Judge Academy) France Member
Gianluca Pizzuti Level 2 (Judge Academy) Italy and Malta Member
Gonçalo Rodrigues Uncertified Iberia Member
Andrea Ruggeri Level 2 (Judge Academy) Italy and Malta Member
Ricardo Teixeira Level 1 (Judge Academy) Iberia Member
Jacopo Traviglia Uncertified Italy and Malta Member
guillaume VANEL Level 1 (Judge Academy) France Member
Kaoru Yonemura Level 2 (Judge Academy) Japan Member