Translations - AIPG and AMTR

Project to gather different translation projects for AIPG and AMTR

Project Manager: Juan Del Compare
Public: Yes
Alignment: Sphere Project - Translations
(Lead: Juan Del Compare )

Project Description

There are a few ongoing projects to translate the AIPG and AMTR. The goal is to gather different languages and have a coherent update and a normalized schedule and public hub.

Project Members

Name Level Location Role
Juan Del Compare Level 3 Hispanic America - South Admin
Quentin Boussardon Level 2 France Member
Hao Du Level 2 Greater China Member
Lamberto Franco Level 2 Italy and Malta Member
Florian Horn Level 3 France Member
Janit Mindis Level 2 Hispanic America - South Member
Keigo Osumi Level 2 Japan Member
Sophie Pages Level 3 France Member
Danilo Raineri Level 2 Italy and Malta Member
Carlos Rangon Level 3 Brazil Member
Matteo Ratti Level 2 Italy and Malta Member
Farid Taoubi Level 2 German-speaking countries Member
YI ZHANG Level 2 Greater China Member