Translations - Knowledge Pool

Coordination of KP translation

Project Manager: Philippe Monlevade
Public: Yes
Alignment: Sphere Project - Translations
(Lead: Juan Del Compare )
Looking For: Translators

Project Description

Welcome to the project for the language leaders of the translation of Knowledge Pool.

This project was created in order to managing translations with each languages leaders (through a team or not)

1. Goals :

Make that Knowledge Pools scenarios are available in many languages to help local L1 to grow on the way of L2.

Give tutorials, advices & tools to improve the project.

2. Profiles needed :

Anyone for the moment.

Project News

Date Article
May 20, 2019 eins zu viel
May 13, 2019 Ich nehm den Burger, nein, den Burrito, warte, eine Nudelbox?
May 6, 2019 Ein Fall der Gnade
April 29, 2019 Etwas ausgeliehenes, etwas blaues
April 22, 2019 drei mal

Project Members

Name Level Location Role
Juan Del Compare Level 3 Hispanic America - South Admin
Philippe Monlevade Level 2 Brazil Admin
Evgeniy Bryzgalov Level 2 Russia and Russian-speaking countries Member
Mauro Cacchioni Level 2 Italy and Malta Member
Sandor Dalecke Level 1 German-speaking countries Member
Lamberto Franco Level 2 Italy and Malta Member
Stephane Gobe Level 2 France Member
Mathias Grontzki Level 2 German-speaking countries Member
Ciro Lamberti Uncertified Italy and Malta Member
David Larrea Level 3 Iberia Member
Carlos Rada Level 2 Hispanic America - South Member
Eser Unger Level 2 German-speaking countries Member
Kaoru Yonemura Level 2 Japan Member
YI ZHANG Level 2 Greater China Member