Welcome to the Fold

Highlighting and celebrating judges at their first MagicFest

Project Manager: Laura Ellis
Public: Yes
Alignment: Sphere Project - Social Media & Web Platforms
(Lead: Jack Doyle )
Looking For: Event coordinators

Project Description

Getting accepted to your first MagicFest can be very exciting. We want to help celebrate that particular milestone.

This project highlights new MF judges and staff on a blog before the event. At the event, they will all receive a special gift.

Our goal is to celebrate every MagicFest.


Members of this project can be expected to:

All without interfering with the integrity of the tournaments.

Ideally coordinators attend multiple events per year - but at least one a year is good!

Project Members

Name Level Location Role
Laura Ellis Level 2 Australia and New Zealand Admin
Io Hughto Uncertified USA - Northeast Admin
Matt Marheine Level 2 USA - Northwest Admin
Guy Baldwin Level 2 United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa Member
Michael Chamberlain Level 3 United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa Member
Angela Chandler Level 2 USA - Southwest Member
Billy Gilmore Level 2 USA - Central Member
Liz Hare Level 2 USA - Northeast Member
Matthew Miles-Watson Level 2 Japan Member
Philippe Monlevade Level 2 Brazil Member
Chuanjie Seow Level 2 Southeast Asia Member
Jaspa Stritt Level 2 United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa Member
Antonio Zanutto Level 2 Brazil Member