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Sphere Name: Social Media & Web Platforms
Sphere Lead: Jack Doyle

The Social Media & Web Platforms Sphere manages projects that engage with the Judge Program and its community via Social Media outlets. It assists other Spheres and projects facilitating promotion of their initiatives on Social Media, and also supports the implementation of solutions and best practices in other web platforms, such as the WordPress-based blogs.magicjudges.org network.

Sphere Projects Looking for Help

Project Description Project Manager Looking For Public Forum
Magic Judges Twitter Management of the Magic Judges Twitter account Sashi Balakrishnan Judges familiar with Twitter who work multiple GPs a year - especially outside North America Yes
Graphic Design Gang Judges interested in volunteering their graphic design skills for various judge needs Jack Doyle judges interested in creating graphical assets for other projects Yes
Articles Blog A platform for publishing judge articles Michael Gyssels Article Translators - All Languages; Editors; Authors Yes
Battlefield Forge A blog for tournament reports from judges Matthew Miles-Watson Editors, Report contributors - check the project page for a submission guideline Yes
Le Blog des Arbitres Francophones Gestion du blog & Rédaction d'articles à destination des arbitres de langue française Sophie Pages Rédacteurs, Webmestre Yes
Welcome to the Fold Highlighting and celebrating judges at their first MagicFest Laura Ellis Event coordinators Yes
5 Minute Magic Audio podcasts explaining rules to players Dave Gale Content writers, promotors, facebook page admin Yes
2018 article update (completed) We update the Magic judges knowledge base Riccardo Tessitori people to review articles Yes

Other Sphere Projects

Project Description Project Manager Public Forum
Premier Event Staff Pics The Staff Pics project collects staff photos for GPs, PTs, and the WMC. John Brian McCarthy Yes
Forum Moderators JudgeApps Forum Moderators Scott Marshall Yes
Judge of the Week Weekly interview with featured judges from around the world Jacob Milicic Yes
WordPress User Group Discussions about using WordPress (blogs.magicjudges.org) Jack Doyle Yes