JudgeApps Exams User Group

News, updates, and technical support related to testing on JudgeApps

Project Manager: Dan Collins
Public: Yes
Alignment: Sphere Project - Technology
(Lead: Paul Baranay )

Project Description

Apparently I must put something in here.

Project Members

Name Level Location Role
Paul Baranay Level 3 USA - Northeast Admin
Dan Collins Level 3 USA - Northeast Admin
Louis Fernandes Level 3 USA - Central Admin
Nate Hurley Level 3 USA - South Admin
Antonio Zanutto Level 2 Brazil Admin
Steven Zwanger Level 3 USA - Midatlantic Admin
Alfonso Bueno Level 3 Iberia Member
Juan Del Compare Level 3 Hispanic America - South Member
John Brian McCarthy Level 3 USA - Midatlantic Member
Sophie Pages Level 3 France Member
Riccardo Tessitori Level 3 Italy and Malta Member