Sphere - Technology

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Sphere Name: Technology
Sphere Lead: Paul Baranay

The Technology Sphere manages the Judge Program's technology projects, including JudgeApps and magicjudges.org.

Sphere Projects Looking for Help

Project Description Project Manager Looking For Public Forum
JudgeApps Development This group maintains and expands on an event application tool for Magic Judges Paul Baranay Experienced Python developers Yes
Open Source Judges Judges who make software for judges Matteo Manchi Developers, designers, software ideas Yes
Venser's Journal Comparisons of current and previous rules / tournament docs to easily see changes Andrew Villarrubia web designer Yes

Other Sphere Projects

Project Description Project Manager Public Forum
IRC project - #mtgrules etc Discussion on #mtgjudge and #mtgrules, for the ops and other interested parties Mark Brown Yes
JudgeApps Exams User Group News, updates, and technical support related to testing on JudgeApps Dan Collins Yes