Rules Comic

International Rules Comic focusing on "generally unwanted behavior on MtG tournaments"

Project Manager: Tomas Joska
Public: Yes
Looking For: country coordinators (translators)

Project Description

Hi judges,

Let me introduce our Rules Comic Project. The project focuses on educating Magic the Gathering players, who have little rules documents knowledge. It is about the generally unwanted behavior, which we can see in LGS's often. We believe the easily accesible form of the comic can help lower the appearance of such behavior. The comic contains also a link in the form of QR code, where players from the local community can get more answers on their questions.

The comic is primarily intended to be physically present in some form (wall banners, ...) directly in the local game stores, but can also be used electronically (e.g. LGS's web page).

The project is currently looking for country(regional) coordinators. This will be the person, who:

Please PM me, if you want to participate in this role. After there is a coordinator for the specific country/region, I will publish his/her name here, so that other judges don't have to apply for that role anymore. I will also send to the coordinator the attached HOW TO? project description. That document must be sent to the local organizers/local venues alongside with the comic .pdf file. 

For those who are curious or just want to see the 1st part, you can go to (hopefully the link works):


Philip Böhm, Germany (translation)
Siyang Li, China (translation+distribution)
Felix Ramon Capule, Philippines (distribution)
Dennis Xiao, Singapore 
Monica Gonzalez, Spain (translation+distribution)
Andreas Almeida, Brazil (translation+distribution)
Rui Gomes, Portugal (translation+distribution(


Thanks for your attention!

Cheers, Tomas



File Name Uploaded By Date/Time Visibility
Comic1_english Tomas Joska Feb. 2, 2018, 10:06 p.m. Public
Comic2_en Tomas Joska July 8, 2018, 6 p.m. Public

Project Members

Name Level Location Role
Tomas Joska Level 2 Europe - Central Admin
ANDREAS ALMEIDA Level 1 Brazil Member
Philip Böhm Level 2 German-speaking countries Member
Felix Ramon Capule III Level 2 Southeast Asia Member
Rui Gomes Level 1 Iberia Member
Monica Gonzalez Level 2 Iberia Member
Siyang Li Level 2 Greater China Member
Thomas Ralph Level 3 United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa Member
Dennis Xiao Level 2 Southeast Asia Member
David Záleský Level 2 Europe - Central Member