Pick-and-go Seminars

Turning the most interesting and challenging judge topics into professional pick-and-go presentations

Project Manager: Theodoros Millidonis
Public: Yes
Alignment: Sphere Project - Conferences
(Lead: Damián Hiller )
Looking For: presentations gurus, slides preparation and seminar delivery experts

Project Description

This project is dedicated to preparing and maintaining a seminar library around the areas that are proving most interesting and challenging for the Judge Program, with the intention that by having these available and featured, more conference organizers and presenters would include them in their schedules. We operate through a joint effort among the various spheres to try cover these topics, with the Conferences Sphere offering our proficiency in seminars to turn the subject experts' knowledge into fully fledged presentations.

Project Members

Name Level Location Role
Damián Hiller Level 3 Hispanic America - South Admin
Theodoros Millidonis Level 2 Europe - East Admin
Uri Hershkovitz Level 2 Europe - East Member
Milorad Pavlovic Level 2 Europe - East Member
Nicholas Keith Seah Level 2 Southeast Asia Member